The Touch - Spaces designed for the senses


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The Touch

Spaces designed for the senses

It is often said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. In The Touch, Kinfolk and Norm Architects present an alternative: that good design is not only visually appealing—it engages all of the human senses.

  • Editors: gestalten
  • Authors: Kinfolk and Norm Architects
  • Release date: September 2019
  • Format: 24,5 x 33cm
  • Features: 288 pages, full color, hardcover

Nathan Williams is the co-founder of Kinfolk, a magazine based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2011, Kinfolk has become a leading lifestyle authority connecting a global community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo. Williams is the author of The Kinfolk TableThe Kinfolk HomeThe Kinfolk Entrepreneur and The Eye.

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen is a founding partner at Norm Architects with over a decade of experience as an architect, designer, art director and photographer. Norm Architects creates products, homes, exhibitions and commercial interiors for some of the most renowned design brands.