Glass Amnis - Green - 300ml


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glass Amnis


Inhoud: 300 ml

The Amnis glass collection is designed by Kinta and consists of two different sizes tumblers (250 and 300 ml) and a carafe (900 ml). Soft lines and a small foot makes the two sizes of tumblers elegant, for serving water in style, together with the matching carafe. The wavy design is inspired by the rippled pattern you see in water and sand shaped by the wind. The wavy pattern, gives both the carafe and the stackable tumblers a good grip. The lead-free crystal glass collection is available in 5 colors: green, smoked grey, bronze, rosy and clear glass. Real glass colors are used for the colored glass.
The glass is food safe and dishwasher safe. To avoid clouded glasses: Use the correct quantities of detergent, dishwasher salt and rinse aid, according to local water hardness. Keep the dishwasher (drain and filters) clean, use dishwasher cleaner regularly. Max dishwasher temperature is 55°C .